How To Train A Dog Not To Jump On People

Those of you who have come into contact with a dog may have experienced being jumped on by one. Jumping on somebody is one of the most common behaviors that dogs engage in. Dogs jump up whenever they get excited to see somebody, mostly their owners. Jumping on people is a preferred method for dogs to greet them, as in saying “hello.” Most of all, jumping up on somebody is seen by a dog as being effective in grabbing that person’s attention.

People may not realize it, but when they interact with dogs upon being jumped on, they are effectively giving them the attention that they want. It is natural for humans to interact with dogs after being jumped on because they are lovely animals. Even so, the dog jumping behavior can be irritating for some people. And depending on how the dog’s paws feel, they can be rough for people. So, here are some ways for you to go about how to train a dog not to jump on people depending on the situation in play.

How To Train A Dog Not To Jump On People

(Photo courtesy of Duncan Rawlinson via Flickr)

1. Your Dog Jumps On You At Home

If your dog jumps on you while you are at home, there is probably something that your dog is excited about. That could happen when you are preparing a meal for your dog for example.

Or maybe it is because you are getting ready to play something with your dog like frisbee. If your dog starts to jump up on you, turn around away from your dog until he/she calms down.

If, after you have turned around at least a few time, your dog’s jumping behavior persists, you will want to walk away and go into another room and shut the door until he/she calms down. As soon as your dog calms down, give him/her a pet or a rub on the neck.

Be careful that you don’t push away your dog if he/she jumps on you. That is because doing so can turn into a wrestling match. Also of note, never force your dog off with your knee as it can be painful and dangerous for him/her.

2. Your Dog Jumps On You As You Arrive Home

If you have just recently arrived home from work and your dog is jumping on you, that signals to you that your dog is excited to see you because he/she hasn’t seen you all day long.

So, if you open your door part of the way and your dog is attempting to jump on you, close the door and wait for around thirty seconds. After that time has passed, slowly open the door again.

If your dog is still attempting to jump on you, shut the door again and wait for another thirty seconds and then try again. Continue to repeat the process until your dog starts to calm down.

Once your dog has stopped trying to jump on you, go ahead and give him/her the attention by petting or rubbing him/her.

3. Your Dog Jumps On Guests To Your Home

(Photo courtesy of Jerry Reynolds via Wikimedia)

If your dog has jumped on a guest of your home, that is his/her way of saying hello to the guest. To get started with training your dog not to jump on your guest, put the dog on a leash and unlock the door for your guest.

Make sure that you tell your guest ahead of time to knock on the door first so that you and your dog knows that he/she is here. As soon as the guest knocks on your door, tell him/her to come inside and wait near the door.

Once your guest is inside, walk towards him/her with your dog. Ideally, your dog will be close enough that he/she can see the guest and at the same time, be far enough that he/she can’t reach your guest.

Once your dog is in position, command him/her to sit down. If you haven’t trained your dog to sit yet, you can head here to learn how to do that.

With your dog seated, have your guest slowly walk towards him/her. If your dog starts to stand up and try to jump, have your guest stop and hold still. Use the time to calmly get your dog’s attention.

With the attention of your dog, have him/her sit down again. Now, have your guest continue to come forward. If your dog remains seated when your guest gets in front of him/her, invite the guest to greet him/her with a pet or rub.

4. Your Dog Jumps Up On A Complete Stranger Outside Your Home

Let’s say that you and your dog are going for a walk somewhere and encounter a stranger along the way, your dog may want to greet the stranger by jumping up on him/her.

Make sure that your dog is on a leash before heading out. Once you and your dog spot a stranger, ask the stranger from a distance if he/she would be willing to be a participant in your dog’s anti-jumping training.

If the stranger consents to being a part of the training, have him/her stand still while you and your dog walk towards him/her.

On the way to the stranger, if your dog starts to show signs of wanting to jump on the stranger include tugging on the leash, bouncing around, or even bark, stop the walk and draw your dog’s attention back to you in a calm manner.

Give your dog a moment to calm down. As soon as your dog calms down, resume the walk towards the stranger. Once you and your dog reach the stranger and if your dog stays calm, allow the stranger to greet him/her by petting or rubbing him/her.

There You Have It For How To Train A Dog Not To Jump On People

These are the ways to help you with how to train a dog not to jump on people. Each of these ways is tailored to a specific scenario. Also, assuming that your dog already knows how to sit on your command, you can command your dog to do so in any of these situations I mentioned above.

What are your thoughts? How do you feel when your dog jumps on you or others? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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