How To Stop Dog To Dog Aggression Among Your Dogs

Many people who are dog owners only have one dog. But, there are some households that contain at least two dogs living under the same roof. Having two or more dogs can make a home a more lively place to be in, but having more than one dog can prove to be challenging, especially for households of one person. Aside from the obvious financial and time commitments, having multiple dogs at home can breed rivalry between the dogs.

So, you will want to do something in order to stop dog to dog aggression between the dogs living under your roof so that they can live more in harmony with each other. There are different reasons why your dogs may come into conflict with each other, but two common reasons are over their share of your resources and the determination of their social standing among themselves. Here are a few tips for you to help your dogs to get along better with each other.

Stop Dog To Dog Aggression With These Tips

1. Introduce Your Dogs To Each Other Slowly

(Photo courtesy of Wonderlane via Flickr)

If you have had one dog for some time and just recently got a new dog, you will need to be careful with how you introduce your first dog with your new one because chances are that they will be wary of each other at first.

What you will want is for your two dogs to associate being around each other with good things. And that is where the tasty treats come into play here.

Canine Carry Outs Dog Treats is a great option that offers different kinds of treats like hot dog, chicken, and beef and cheese. I recommend that you pick out just one kind of treat for your dogs so that they will have the same treats as each other.

You will also want to have leashes and harnesses on hand so that you can restrain your dogs just in case one of them starts to act aggressively towards the other.

I recommend that you get the BAAPET dog leashes as you will want the ones that are as comfortable as possible to handle.

As for the harnesses, you will want the BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness Front Clip as they are designed to allow you to effectively restrain your dogs while at the same time, preventing injury to their necks.

Now, in order to more effectively introduce your two dogs to each other, you will need a partner to handle one dog while you handle the other one.

So, if you don’t have another person living with you, I would suggest inviting a family member or friend over to help you out with the dog introduction.

At first, you will want to confine your first dog to one room so that your new dog can be given the opportunity to explore around and get to know your home without being intimidated by the first dog.

When you and your partner get ready for the dog introduction, you will want your two dogs to start out far apart from each other as to minimize the risk for aggression.

Once the two dogs are in position, show them both their treats. Now, have them sit down at the same time on your and your partner’s command. If any of the dogs haven’t been trained to sit down on your command, you can head here to learn how to do so.

I recommend that you and your partner use a happy tone as you don’t want to sound angry or frustrated as that can stress out the dogs.

If both of the dogs comply with your sit command, praise and reward them with the treats at the same time. Repeat the process a few more times and then you can move your two dogs just a little closer to each other.

You want to slowly progress your two dogs towards each other to the point where they should feel more comfortable being right in front of one another. If you don’t have enough space for the dog introduction process, then try moving it outside to your yard.

2. Be Fair To Your Dogs

(Photo courtesy of Sarah Farris via Wikimedia)

Dogs often come into conflict with each other over who gets what. So, it is important that you are treating all of your dogs as equals. So, let’s look at your dogs’ sleeping arrangement.

Does your dogs sleep in the same dog beds as each other? If the answer is no, then it is certainly time for you to address that. There is nothing better than to get both of your dogs the most comfortable dog beds possible.

With that in mind, I recommend that you get each of your dog the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed. These dog beds use memory foam which make them quite comfortable for your dogs to sleep on.

When your dogs see and feel the dog bed, they will come to realize that they have the exact same comfortable dog bed as each other. That will make a battle over which dog bed to sleep on, increasingly unlikely among your dogs.

If you want to go the extra mile and assign each of your dogs his/her own dog bed, you can learn how to command a dog to go to his/her dog bed. When it comes to meals for your dogs, you will want to make sure that each of your dogs has his/her own bowl to eat from.

You will also want to make sure that your dogs are eating the same amount of the same food at the same time as each other.

Once your dogs finish eating from their respective food bowls, make sure to grab any bowl that has leftover food in it in order to reduce the risk of your dogs becoming food aggressive.

3. Find A Way For Your Dogs To Spend Time With One Another

(Photo courtesy of C. E. Price via Wikimedia)

As soon as your dogs become more comfortable with each other after being introduced for the first time, you will want to give them the chance to spend time with each other. That way, it will help your dogs to bond with each other as they spend time together.

One way to accomplish this is to take your dogs out for a walk in your neighborhood. You will want to make sure that both of your dogs know how to heel on a leash before taking them out for a walk.

I would also use a partner to help walk your dogs with you. That way, it will make the dog walking easier to handle. When you are taking your dogs for a walk, you will want to put yourself and your walking partner in between the dogs at first.

Assuming that everything goes well between the dogs during the first walk, you can have them walk right next to each other.

Another way for your dogs to spend time together is through a game of frisbee. Frisbee can be played in three ways – you toss a frisbee and your dogs compete to catch the frisbee, you let one dog take a turn catching a frisbee while the other dog sits down on your command and watch, and you and your partner play frisbee with each dog at the same time using two frisbees.

If one of your dogs don’t know how to catch a frisbee, you can follow along here. You will want to order the soft Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper which come in packs of two or five. Playing with soft frisbees is good for your dogs’ teeth.

Not only can walks and frisbee help your dogs to bond with each other, but also it helps them to release some energy which also can help to reduce the risk of conflict among themselves.

Stop Dog To Dog Aggression – Conclusion

These are the tips to help you to stop dog to dog aggression between your own dogs. It is worth bearing in mind the possibility that your dogs may never get along with each other no matter what.

If this is the case, unfortunately, you will need to give one of your dogs up so that he/she can find a new home. Aggression between your dogs also could be a result of a medical or physical issue that require the attention of a veterinarian.

What are your thoughts? Are you an owner of more than one dog? Feel free to leave a comment down below.

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