How To Train Your Dog To Roll Over

Rolling over is a cool and fun trick that you can teach your dog. It is a great way for you to spend time with your furry loved one. Getting your dog to roll over will make for an entertaining show for your family and friends. You could even take a video of your dog rolling over and submit it to Youtube or take pictures of it and put them on Instagram.

So, if you are wanting to learn about how to train your dog to roll over, I have got you covered right here in this post. Here are the steps that you can take to do that.

Learn How To Train Your Dog To Roll Over With These Steps

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1. Make Sure Your Dog Knows How To Lay Down

You will need to make sure that your dog already knows how to lay down. That is because if your dog isn’t laying down, it can be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for you to get your dog to roll over.

So, if your dog doesn’t know how to lay down, your first step will be to train him/her how to do that. Once you have trained your dog to lay down, all that you will need to do is to give him/her a command to get him/her to do so.

2. Get Some Delicious Treats For Your Dog

What better way for you to motivate your dog to roll over than with some delicious treats? I would recommend that you get the Canine Carry Outs Dog Treats. They are especially soft which dogs have shown that they love.

The Canine Carry Outs treats are also designed with the assumption that they will be used during dog training. There are different kinds of treats for you to choose from. So, just pick out the one that you think your dog will enjoy the most.

3. Get A Training Clicker For The Training

You may want to consider ordering a training clicker to use with training your dog to roll over. A training clicker is a small handheld device that has one button in which you click whenever your dog does something right. It is kind of like praising your dog.

4. Find A Suitable Room For The Roll Over Training

The next thing that you are going to want to do is to find a room within your home that is suitable for the roll over training. You will want a room that is clear of any furniture that you don’t want your dog to roll over against as you may knock something down.

So, if you don’t already have a clear room at home, temporarily relocate the furniture to another room until you are done with the training.

5. Get Your Dog Into Position For The Training

(Photo courtesy of John S. Quarterman via Flickr)

Now that you have found a clear room at home, it is time for you to get your dog ready for the roll over training. So, get your dog into position by commanding him/her to lay down. Ideally, your dog will be on his/her stomach with his/her paws in front of him/her and his/her head up.

6. Proceed With The Roll Over Training

Now that your dog is in position, you can proceed with the roll over training. First, get yourself down on the floor with your dog and show him/her the treat so that he/she knows that you have it.

Hold the treat near your dog’s nose, but be careful that you don’t let him/her snatch it from your hand. With the treat in your hand, position it to one side of your dog’s body near his/her head.

Now, gently move your hand up and go across your dog’s body then move it down to the other side of his/her body. Your hand should be moving like an arch. Just as you are moving your hand across your dog’s body, say the word “roll over.”

You can also use a hand signal to gesture for your dog to roll over if you would like. That will allow your dog to associate the roll over command with rolling over.

As you are moving your hand across your dog’s body, your dog will follow it with his head. That will prompt your dog to roll over so that he/she can keep track of your moving hand.

Once your dog has rolled over, click the training clicker and then reward him/her with a treat. If your dog doesn’t roll over at first as you move your hand across his/her body, that is ok.

Just use your other hand to gently move his/her body over to encourage him/her to roll over. I would also click the training clicker and reward him/her with a treat every time that he/she makes a move in the right direction in the process of rolling over.

It may take repeated practice before your dog will roll over on his/her own without a helping hand.

As soon as your dog can roll over on his/her, try the rolling over process again by moving your hand with the treat across your dog’s body in an arch fashion.

Remember to say the word “roll over” as you are moving your hand to ensure that he/she connects the command with the rolling over action. Continue to practice the rolling over process with your dog.

Continue to click on the training clicker and reward your dog with a treat each time he/she successfully rolls over.

As time goes on and as you have practiced the rolling over process with your dog, you will eventually get to a place where all that you need to do to get your dog to roll over is to just give him/her the roll over command – no need to move your hand across his/her body at all.

You can also start to slowly decrease the frequency of rewarding your dog with a treat to the point that you don’t have to rely so much on treats to motivate him/her to roll over.

How To Train Your Dog To Roll Over – Conclusion

These are the steps that you can take for how to train your dog to roll over. Now, you can have fun with your dog and show off his/her new rolling over trick to your family and friends. What are your thoughts? Have you gotten your dog to roll over on your command? Feel free to leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “How To Train Your Dog To Roll Over”

  1. I really like the tip about getting a training clicker to help teach a dog how to roll over. Could you explain a bit more about how we would use this to our advantage in a training session? Also are there different size clickers that make different sounds?  Are some of these better for some dogs than others?  

    I am very curious and want to try it out on my sister’s dog! 

    He recently learned the play dead.  My sister makes a gun shape with her hands and says bang and he lays down and plays dead. It is soo cute, but I do not believe he will roll over!  It is weird because he is so smart.  

    Are there some dogs that do not like rolling on their backsides?  Might be a dumb question, but you never know. 

    Thanks for the help!

    • You are welcome. As for the training clicker, to the best of my knowledge, they are more or less the same. What you do with a training clicker is to simply press the button to let a dog – like your sister’s – to know that he/she is doing something right. So, if you ask your sister’s dog to do something and he does it, you press the button to make a sound to let the dog know that he/she did what you wanted him to. 

      So, I hope that makes sense for you. If you would like a training clicker to use with your sister’s dog, you can go here to order one. I am not sure why your sister’s dog won’t roll over at this point, but I hope that this article will help you to successfully train him to do that.

  2. I’m so happy I found your article to day to learn more about how to train my dog to roll over, after a few tries and I must admit I had to give up on this trick, because of me, I did a poor job as my dog is a smart one, I didn’t know all the steps to train my dog, right now, he is looking at me as he may know I got the how to and we’ll go out to give it a try!

    • I am glad that you have found this article walking you through how to get your dog to roll over. I hope that it works out for you and your dog this time.


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