How To Train A Dog Not To Jump On Furniture

Suppose that you just recently went to a furniture store in order to buy a nice couch for the living room of your home. You are in awe of just how soft and comfortable your new couch really is. The problem is that if you have a pet dog at home, he/she is probably going to be very jealous of you for getting that nice new couch. Sure, it certainly is lovely for a dog to be on a couch. However, having a dog be on the couch comes with its set of risks. For one, dogs are known to be very hairy.

So, having your dog on your new couch can result in pieces of dog hair lingering on the couch. Also, your dog’s paws can get dirty. So, having your dog on your new couch with his/her paws dirty can result in stains being marked on it. Depending on which couch you have, dog hair and stains can be difficult to get rid of. Some dogs also have sharp paws which can poke holes into couches made of certain materials like leather. So, you will want to learn how to train a dog not to jump on furniture.

Here are a few ways in which you can go about doing that. But, before you get started with your dog training, I recommend that you get a dog bed that is thick and comfortable for your dog to be soaked in – like the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed.

Ways Of How To Train A Dog Not To Jump On Furniture

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1. Personal Bed For Your Dog

As I just mentioned, you will want to buy your furry friend a thick and comfortable dog bed in order to serve as a personal space for him/her. I actually recommend that you buy two dog beds so that you can have them in more than one place at your home.

As soon as you buy the dog beds, you will want to place one dog bed inside your bedroom by your bed and the other one in the living room near your couch.

Having the dog beds in these two spots inside your home will help to promote intimacy with your dog while at the same time, discouraging him/her from jumping on either the couch or the bed.

Using The Bed Command

Now that you have placed the dog beds in the living room and the bedroom, here is how you can make use of the bed command to direct your dog to his/her dog bed. Now, walk towards your couch in the living room.

If you see your dog following you there, use your finger to point at the dog bed and say the word “bed” in order to direct him/her to his/her dog bed.

If your dog obeys your bed command, reward him/her with a tasty treat such as the Canine Carry Outs Dog Treats. Once that happens, go back and sit down on your couch.

If your dog gets up and heads toward your couch, redirect him/her back to his dog bed using the bed command I just mentioned. Reward your dog again with a piece of treat if he/she obeys your bed command.

You may need to repeat the bed command a few times in order for it to sink in for your dog. Also apply the bed command to your bedroom.

2. The Off Command

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I am going to show you how to use the off command with your dog. When you see your dog getting on your couch or bed, use the word “off” to get him/her to come off the furniture and onto the floor. Dangle a treat in front of your dog to help motivate him/her to get off your furniture.

If your dog doesn’t respond by getting off of your furniture, gently walk backwards from your furniture and show him/her the treat again and then say the word “off” again. If your dog gets off of your furniture, then go ahead and reward him/her with a treat as soon as he/she lands on your floor.

Also, try and be proactive with your dog. So, for example, if you see your dog getting ready to climb onto your couch, go ahead and give him/her the off command in order to keep him/her off the couch.

Take care that you don’t shout at your dog when giving him/her the off command. Reward your dog with a treat if he/she obeys your off command. Also, if you would like to, you can try and combine your off command with the bed command that I mentioned earlier in this post.

3. Make Use Of A Training Clicker

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Another way that you can get your dog off of your furniture is to use a training clicker. So, when you see your dog laying on your furniture or getting ready to climb onto one, give him/her the off command in order to direct him/her off of it.

If your dog obeys your off command, press the button on your training clicker.

Pressing the button on your training clicker will send out a sound that is designed to convey your praise to your dog for obeying your off command. Once you have used the training clicker to praise your dog, reward him/her with a treat.

How To Train A Dog Not To Jump On Furniture – Conclusion

These are a few methods for how to train a dog not to jump on furniture. These methods will help you to ensure that your furniture, whether it is your couch or your bed, are in the best condition that they can be.

So, practice these methods for up to a few weeks and eventually your dog will learn to stay off of your furniture.

If you are going to be gone for the day, but are concerned about your dog being on your furniture, I would suggest that you place him/her in his/her crate or in a closed room that doesn’t have any furniture that you don’t want him/her to climb on.

What are your thoughts? Do you keep your dog off of your furniture or do you allow him/her to be on it? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. This is a common problem among some of my friends who own dogs who often complain about having their furniture damaged by their dog so your article offers some great tips. I have not yet owned a dog, however am umder increasing pressure from the kids so I may be coming back to your site for some tips when the time comes. Thanks for the read.

    • Oh, I am sorry to hear about the situation with your friends having their furniture damaged by their dogs chewing on them. I am glad that you have found some great tips in this article for the furniture chewing problem. I hope that your kids will realize their dream of having a dog someday.

  2. Your article was really informative, I know the first hand experience of your dog jumping and sitting and scratching through the bedsheets. I tried to make mine not to climb on bed but more I insisted the more relentless she became. Now I will try the tips and hope it actually works else RIP bedsheets :0


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