About Me

Hi, my name is Michael Pyle and I live in the small town in the southern portion of the US state of Illinois called Harrisburg which is where I was born and raised. I hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Hospitality and Service Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.

I am the owner and author of a dog-centric website called The Kingdom Of Dogs. Throughout the course of my childhood, I had around two dogs as pets. Today, there are some within my overall family who own at least one pet dog. As a result, I know first hand what it feels like to interact with dogs.

My aim with this website is for it to be a paradise for both current and/or prospective dog owners to learn more about dogs. This website will have two specific areas of focus. They are dog training and dog sleep. So, that should give you a better sense of what you can expect to see here on The Kingdom Of Dogs.

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